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About Monya

I used to be a corporate girl, stuck in an office, daydreaming about making beautiful things. Then one day we renovated our home and I finally got my chance. Frustrated by not being able to find the kind of furniture I was looking for in the world of shops, I made a few drawings and got someone to build my ideas from scratch. And that’s how Stokperd began. This is probably where I should also explain what Stokperd means – it’s the Afrikaans word for hobby (or stick horse if you translate directly).

So this is me now, riding off on my stick horse…into the wild blue yonder.

In addition to creating beautiful things and spaces I generally just like to get my hands dirty. I grow stuff; I have a garden full of spinach and other green things I never eat. I’m also partial to winter, small towns & the Karoo.