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I like walking into a space that has a soothing effect on my senses. Everything in this home is in the right place and there's lots of white space, natural sunlight and art - the perfect place to unwind and gather yourself. This is the home of Mike Leslie from And People, a youth culture guru who has his ear to the ground on all things 'now' and Shanti O' Hagan one of Cape Town's top hair stylists at Mop Hair, yes that Shanti. Sharing this beautiful space is their 9 month old daughter India Rain and big-boy-fur-baby Edward. Q: What made

As you all know this has been a big year for me and my business, my daughter Elle turned 1 and Stokperd turned 5 and on the advice of a friend I have decided to do some reflecting. It is totally by chance (though is anything ever by chance?) that I realised my life has always had an upheaval every 7 years. Sometimes they have been good and sometimes not so good. A good one for example is that Elle was born after 7 years of intense trying. Another one, I left my corporate job after 7 years of 'dreaming

Hastings House is basically a greenhouse inside a library on top of a sunny hill. A beautiful home in Tamboerskloof shared by a trio of friends who discovered that they have the same taste in ceramics, kitchenalia, plants, books and weird boardgames - not only the things themselves, but down to the complimentary colour scheme. It's rare to find such harmony in one space shared by three unique individuals, but geez do they pull it off. So Lucy is my sister-in-law and according to her business card she "has brain, will travel" and true to form is in Italy at the

What a house to resurrect a blog with! I'm back b*tches, and very happy to share this beautiful house with you. It's nestled (estate agent speak) in the leafy suburb of Fernwood in Cape Town, but more importantly belongs to one of my favourite families, the Gallarellis. These guys are our chinas (SA speak for BFF's) and we have spent many hours in this house drinking wine, eating good food, lazing in front of the fireplace and whipping them at 30 seconds. In all the years I've known Carol her design aesthetic has been pretty simple and boils down to

The ridiculously good-looking Mr Blonde barstools have seats for your posterior thanks to the mad skills of the Wolf + Maiden team. Miss Moss and I visited their Woodstock studio a couple of months ago and it is a melting pot of energy, interesting people and beautiful things. Wade Skinner is a real firecracker who talks a mile-a-minute about his luxury leather business and how it all began. The trade runs deep into his past - his Viking ancestors were seal skinners (hence the surname “Skinner”) so it was only a matter of time before Wade would find his true calling

I'm a little bit beside myself with excitement right now. My new website is finally live, and later today I'll give birth to our long awaited daughter..the timing could not have been more profound. Sometimes you just have to sit back and marvel at how the world unfolds around you. But getting back to this beautiful home tour - I love this rich textured vibrant green leafy interior - a look that I like to call Jungalow (a juicy adjective I stole from Justina Blakeney). I met Jacob while working on the Cartel House interior and I could tell by