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The lounge, like the kitchen is the heart of the home and if its not the kind of place where you want to put your feet up and spend a Saturday afternoon, then you've got problems. But don't fear, Stokperd and Weylandts will give you all the tips and tricks you need to take your lounge from drab to fab in a 7 easy steps. Photography by Cindy Taylor This lounge looks pretty tragic

I've used the word 'revive' very tentatively, because in this instance it was more like a severe resuscitation. I found my dream office chair at the side of the road, it belonged to a car guard and the seat was so badly damaged that he covered it with a piece of cardboard to sit comfortably! When I offered to buy it from him he looked at me as if I was high

The word 'artisan' has been bandied about so many times of late, it really has lost much of it's meaning. But then I meet someone like Cherylle Cowley and it makes sense again. A woman of many talents, she started her career in the advertising industry but eventually got tired of the game. Round about the same time (this was 18 years ago)  she tells me 'I couldn't find decent ice cream anywhere' so she decided to make her own,  and that's how The Nice Company started

Hoi P’loy is a love story that started in Bangkok. In 2009 Guy van der Walt was on holiday in Thailand, meant to last two weeks, when he met Ploy Phiromnam and decided to stay a little longer, freelancing in the background during his extended stay. They eventually moved back to Cape Town and decided their buying & advertising jobs were not quite as fulfilling as they needed them to be, and so they decided to rather ‘make things they liked’ and that was the start of Hoi P’loy. It helped that Guy is a 3D animator and advertising whiz and Ploy has

Back in the day when I started my business Miss Moss designed my beautiful website in exchange for a Peggy unit (which she also photographed). Since then we've had many creative encounters along the way, but this new one excites the sheezniz out of me. We're combining our talents to bring you VISITS, a series of "looky sees" into the work and living spaces of talented South Africans. First up is Clementina van der Walt, a ceramicist and all round wonderful person. Photography by Miss Moss. Stepping inside Clementina van der Walt’s ceramic studio is like walking into my own living dream: a

Walking into Michael Ipp's Bantry Bay home you can feel the crazy world shutting it's mouth for a second. Without the noise of colour, the "White House" has an immediate calming effect. Like a clean white page, a theme that Mike has applied to the design of his home, as well as his award winning advertising agency Canvas. It  also helps that he has a background in architecture - a talent that came in handy when redesigning this space.  But don't be fooled into thinking that all the serenity means this guy is all serious and zen - Mike relies on life wisdom from

There is something very special about small spaces - every square inch gets lived in, nothing is wasted and no surface is taken for granted. Brendan Wade (a colleague of mine at the Ideas Cartel) lives in a beautiful apartment with his husband on the slopes of Lion's Head with incredible views of the city; only problem is that space is limited. So he commissioned me to make some more work surface available in his kitchen

The Eva family is delightful in so many ways - little Max is 15 months old and always ready with a smile, Karen is a pediatric surgeon (brainy as hell, obvs) and Rowan is an ad-man at Ogilvy by day, and also a phenomenon on social media with a killer instagram account and an avid runner - whose achievements always make me feel bad about still being in bed at 9am on a Saturday morning. Their beautiful Woodstock home is an original Victorian - filled with fun, quirk and a gigantic music collection. Enjoy! A mahogany Peggy cabinet stores Rowan's huge music