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Being a product of the 70's myself, I have a deep affinity for this strange decade. It seems like it was all hairspray, Brady Bunch and bell bottoms, and then I see this effing hot hot house on Design Files and I'm so in love I could cry. Enjoy! Photography by Eve Wilson. Read the full article here.  

I'm always energised by a visit to Johannesburg, a vibrant-energetic city that is always changing, and always so welcoming. Some highlights from my recent trip was the Turbine Art Fair in Newtown, and a visit to Constitution Hill, home of the Constitutional Court and Old Fort Prison. All pics are from my Instagram feed. Anti Est, Braamfontein The Bannister Hotel - Braamfontein Sir James van der Merwe Bar - Kramerville Katy's Palace Bar - Kramerville The Radium Beer Hall - Louis Botha Ave Priest Coffee Bar - Rosebank The Turbine Art Fair - Newtown Wyatt hair - 44 Stanley My sister's lovely home, which I blogged about here. Constitution Hill - Braamfontein Not

Richard and Antoinette Bell live in the most exquisitely renovated Victorian in Rosebank (our new neighbourhood, whooop! But I will share more about that later). The story behind this beauty is that it was built around 1890, a farmer who owned the land built two identical houses for his daughters, and he really must have loved them because these homes are large and gorgeous and no expense was spared, you'll see what I mean - I am only featuring one of them. What I love about houses built in this era is the craftsmanship - thick walls, intricately tiled floors, pressed ceilings, beautiful

I can completely relate to someone who buys a house because it has a big avo tree in the back garden. It also helps that the house is a 1920's beauty on the slopes of Fresnaye with a view of Lion's Head and the sea. Score on every level right? It took Cara Saven and her family 3 years of searching to find this gem, and once they did, it turned out the previous owner was a good friend of her family, a very fortuitous find. With the help of architect Kobus van Schoor and her interior designer friends Karen Marsden

I love finding spaces that are a good reflection of the people they are inhabited by, and this retro-cool home is one of those. Nina van Reenen is creative director at Room 13 + Room 13 Collection and a fun-loving fellow afrikaanse meisie who I've laughed with many times over the years. Sascha Berolsky is the feisty portuguese guy who has done exceptionally well with iconic Cape Town restaurants Royale Eatery and El Burro. Their Greenpoint home is an artful combination of contradicting styles - pieces from local designers, family heirlooms, furniture and vintage toys found on travels around the world as

Teri and Duncan MacDuff's Rondebosch home is so awesome it made my eyeballs quiver. It has all the stuff I like - a spacious indigenous garden with big trees, a pool with a "majestic" (estate agent speak) view of the mountain and an interior that's been renovated to maximise on many, many rays of natural light. And with the recent addition of Riley to the family, they are one cool little gang. Naked bulbs from Hoi P'loy Geometric Tiles at entrace hall - Quadrata The main bedroom walls are clad with Ash wood from Ticktin Timbers and the reading lights are from Space

This holiday has made me feel so blissed out and in awe of all the small things in life and I'm determined to hold on to the "zen-ness" as far into 2014 as I can. My plan is to spend more time in the sea and on the mountain; for starters I have a 7am Monday morning meeting with my photographer Cindy, this meeting will take place on the beach - and will involve nothing but a swim. I didn't take many pictures in Knysna this year, but I got my photo-mojo back  at Die Laaitjie just outside Robertson, where we