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Indie Fin

As an ex-corporate world dweller (yes, that was my previous life) nothing gave me more joy than re-doing this beast of a space. Added to this joy was the luck of working with a client that was open minded and happy to renovate the space they had inherited, as in like – completely. They call themselves a not-so-normal financial services company and with slogans like “part giant, part giant-slayer” I knew we were a good match from the start.

Indie’s brief to me was to eradicate all vestiges of the old corporate environment and to create an office that reflected who they are as a company. There was to be no enclosed spaces, so everyone can see into every other room. Transparency, tick. They were also specific about no ‘demarcated’ areas like “marketing sits here, and finance over there”. The space needed to be a free flow of ideas and people. They only have dedicated office days on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and teams work remotely every other day, so as you can see they’re all about doing things differently. And if you’re in the market for quality life insurance that you can buy online (with some other really rad benefits) check them out here.

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