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Let There Be Light

During my year as a new mom so many new ideas have taken shape and it feels like the lights have been turned on again. And so I wanted to share some of this brewing time with you, and the product that was born out of it.

The naming of the lights come from women who lit up their worlds throughout history. August is women’s month and any opportunity to celebrate women (and mothers) and the impact they make on the world – however great or small is a good one.

Boudicca, a fierce queen who led many tribes into battle against the mighty Romans.

Then there’s Sappho, she was a Greek poet and writer – who mostly wrote about the admiration and affection between women. We would call it homo-erotic in today’s terms but it was part of normal life in ancient Greece.

Mirabai – an Indian woman born into an aristocratic family. She was groomed for the life of a princess, but decided she would rather write poetry and spend her days as a mystic. She also helped revive bhakti yoga. Lit AF.

The Thuli, (my personal favourite) named after our brave and courageous ex-public protector.

And finally the Coco, named after fashion warrior Coco Chanel who liberated women from corsets and made sporty comfortable clothing the standard of chic for women in the 1930’s.